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We are creating a wonderfully interactive world that inspires creativity, curiosity and learning for 2-6 year olds through engaging and entertaining learning experiences developed by early childhood educators.

Once launched, Wobworld will grow bigger and even more magical with every week that passes. Your children can build their own avatar to explore WobWorld with, continually finding new buildings, cities and educational opportunities to explore, ensuring they are better prepared for the real world that is just outside your door.
Wobworld supports education at large, but we understand that early childhood education is foundationally important. Along with our partners, we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers, giving free access to our website to educators, as well as providing financial resources to help bridge the gap in school funding through our Teacher’s Assistance Program (TAP).

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WobWorld Soft Launch... July 12th!!!

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Dedicated Educators

Educators from around the country have partnered with Wobworld to ensure and enrich the educational content as well as incorporating basic core curriculum standards for the age group to allow children to initiate their academic potential.

Interactive Multimedia Experience

Wobworld is going to air on a national television network but is also a multimedia brand that includes a fully-interactive website. The website works in tandem with the TV series as an incredibly effective learning tool for children, parents and teachers alike. Children may upload videos to appear on episodes of the television show, explore online games, videos, eBooks, bedtime stories, and download/upload recipes featured on the show.
The Wob, a lovable curious creature created by Dr. Fooie, participates with Magic, the good-manners Cat, and the WobMob, a curious young group of children, as they explore the adventures in Wobworld. With eye-popping animation, and catchy songs and dance, Wobworld is a multimedia playground for a young child’s mind.

Education Through Entertainment


To offer an innovative children’s program that harnesses the latest technology to teach: Science, Mathematics, Reading, and important life skills through entertainment and fun.


To elevate one’s pride by inspiring each child with a greater sense of oneself while teaching mutual respect and equality.


To inspire each child to go out into the world as a respectable member of society, and be a productive, and prosperous role model for future generations.

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