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❖ The educational-scientific rationale behind WobWorld has a high potential to enhance students’ understanding and learning motivation, while being grounded in the national educational learning outcomes associated with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in schools. WobWorld provides a multimedia platform for children to explore these critical subject areas in a way that scaffolds the learning and makes thinking visible. Educator resources allow teachers to harness the powerful attachment children form with the Wob and Friends to support them in facilitating highly engaging instructional lessons and assessments through the WobWorld digital learning campus.
❖ STEAM standards demand high levels of inquiry-based learning focused on the five disciplines used in everyday activities, which promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking. Each STEAM discipline is introduced in WobWorld, from life and natural sciences, exploring coding, robotics, and mathematical practices, while simultaneously integrating arts education through song and dance.
❖ Animation supports a creation of mental representations of phenomena, promoting better understanding. Computer animation is highly effective in demonstration of processes that cannot be viewed naturally or that are difficult to demonstrate in the classroom or even in the laboratory (Fleming, Hart, & Savage, 2000). Children’s attachment to the loveable Wob allow them to take risks with exploring new concepts, feeling supported and guided in asking questions, making mistakes, and interacting with others.
❖ WobWorld episodes are designed to prioritize fun, active engagement, and an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. WobWorld creates a learning environment that is positive and safe for young learners to take risks and experiment without the fear of making mistakes.
❖ WobWorld’s digital learning campuses are exciting places where children’s imaginations are ignited to explore scientific and technological phenomena, while integrating real life math skills and creative multi-modality artistic expressions (dance, movement, vocal music, and more.)
❖ WobWorld’s game-based learning activities reinforce math, science, and technology concepts, while children learn socially and emotionally appropriate interaction skills with their peers. These “soft skills” are the foundation of the national 21st Century Life and Career Skills that support young learners in becoming responsible, creative, and collaborative citizens who are capable of communicating and collaborating with others, who use critical thinking skills to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, and who learn to act ethically and with social responsiveness as they grow as young adults.

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Wobworld is proud to offer its educational products to educators and schools worldwide at no cost.
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