Why WobWorld

Educational Animated TV Series

Hosting The Wob, who is our very curious creature. Magic the Cat, who teaches good-manners and social skills. And then we have our sometimes wacky scientist, Dr. Fooie who created Wobworld for the curious little Wob, and it is in this world where these characters teach the young minds of the future.

Interactive Website

The interactive website provides an educational program designed for preschoolers (ages 2-6) and their parents by a team of educators and certified child psychologists. In Wobworld, there are many cities. Within these cities, there are many buildings. Once logged in, you have access to hours of educational content within each building. For example, our first city, WobFalls in Wobworld, houses 5-7 buildings, one of them being a bank. Kids can visit and learn the benefits of earning, counting and saving money through good grades and chores. Another example, our good-manners cat, Magic, invites children into her home where children can select a book and read together with Magic. In the School House, children can learn their ABCs with the WObWorld characters, sing along to counting songs and do fun learning activities with our teacher, Mrs.Books.

Wobworld Promotions

Educators, sign up NOW! Free teacher digital resources including stimulating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math instructional units, assessments, games, eBooks and activities that help young learners Explore, Inquire, and Learn in a digital environment that is fun, exciting and socially, emotionally and academically appropriate. Wobworld’s educational website is offered to all educators at no cost.

Share the Big News

Our educational website will be ready to launch by the beginning of the school year. Your registration today assures you complete access to Wobworld’s educational website and all of its content. The animated television series will follow shortly after. Wobworld’s website interacts with the animated television series.
Wobworld has a compelling announcement, we have a theater in WobFalls! Every week we premiere an educational film such as “The Importance of Drinking Milk and Where Does It Come From?” Where you will find out that Chocolate Milk does not come from brown cows. Our Premieres are carefully screened by a panel of educators and child psychologists.
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